Introducing the Big Cottonwood Water Treatment Plant (BCWTP) , a crucial asset owned and operated by the Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities (SLCDPU). With a history dating back to 1959 when it first began operations, the BCWTP is now set for a significant rebuild. This endeavor will ensure its continued role as a dependable source of pure, clean water for our community.

An integral aspect of the BCWTP rebuild is how to manage water during the construction phase. In a uniquely cooperative partnership, the Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake & Sandy is diligently working to provide a key solution for saving and utilizing the water. For this purpose, a new pipeline parallel will be constructed to the Salt Lake Aqueduct (SLA), connecting the BCWTP to the Little Cottonwood Water Treatment Plant (LCWTP) in Cottonwood Heights. This is referred to as the Salt Lake Aqueduct Replacement-Cottonwood Conduit (SLAR-CC).

This innovative pipeline will enable the redirection of water during the reconstruction period, conserving a substantial 24,000 acre-feet of water. To put it into perspective, this amount is equivalent to the yearly water requirements of 110,000 individuals.

Some background context is useful. The BCWTP has the capacity to treat an impressive 38 million gallons of water daily. This substantial volume of water guarantees an ample and uncontaminated drinking water supply. The BCWTP plays a pivotal part in the SLCDPU’s drinking water system, providing around 40% of the drinking water consumed in the area.

Presently, the BCWTP is embarking on a plan to replace the aging plant with a modern, cutting-edge water treatment facility. Although a formidable undertaking, the primary goal is to maintain the safety and reliability of the water supply. By adhering to the latest safety codes and standards, including measures to withstand seismic activity and ensure electrical safety, the BCWTP is taking a proactive approach to ensure our community’s health through the provision of the purest drinking water possible.

This transformation and forward-thinking planning emphasize the commitment of the SLCDPU and the Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake & Sandy to providing a consistent supply of high-quality drinking water. As BCWTP prepares for its new chapter, our community can rest assured that the preservation of our water infrastructure’s integrity remains a top priority for those dedicated to our health and well-being.

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